Promotion of the physical activity in students in the Week of the Science



Ten investigators of the Group of Investigation AFAES have taken part in the Macroactivity " Promotion of the Physical Activity for Young women by means of the employment of the New Technologies ". This divulgative offer places in the " WEEK OF THE SCIENCE of the University of Jaen, and is included in the X Plan of Scientific Spreading and of the Innovation. School youth and candidates to be Teachers of Primary Education could have experimented with the employment of technological devices as pedometers, middle ear analyzer, heart rate monitor, dynamometers and spirometers, between others, all of them directed to diminishing the physical inactivity and the motivation towards the practice of physical systematic daily activity.


The group AFAES establishes educational relations and investigation relations with the Universidad de la Frontera




The director of the group of investigation Emilio J. Martínez-López and the investigators Alberto Ruiz-Ariza and Manuel J De La Torre Cruz are invited as lecturers in the 1 º Seminar of Didactics of the Physical Education, Sports and Recreation organized by the School of Pedagogy of the Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco (Chile). During this educational stay and investigation stay  are carried out labors of collaboration in the planning of the subject of Didactics of the Physical Education, as well as participation in diverse activities with academicians, students and exalumnos of the Career of Physical Education of the Universidad de la Frontera. Also there is established a plan of collaboration of investigation inside the area of the Physical Activity and Health specially in the relative thing to the youth obesity.

Members of the group AFAES visit the Faculty of Sciences Education of the University of Helsinki (Finland)


The members of the Group AFAES, Alberto Ruiz-Ariza and Sebastián Lopez-Serrano, have realized diverse stays of investigation during the last months, in the prestigious Faculty of Education of the University of Helsinki (Finland). During the same ones, they could have learned of relating teachers in Sciences of the Education, as Jari lavonen, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Juha Valtonen or Minna Huotilainen, between other investigators and high-level teachers. As well as to visit centers of educational investigation of international reference like the " Playful Learning Center " or Centers of education - learning of infantile, primary or secondary.  Undoubtedly, a very wealth-producing experience for our investigators, where they could have steeped of the emergent active methodologies of education or of the Scandinavian model of investigation. 




 Different mass medias realize for the Group AFAES, led by Emilio J. Martínez Lopez, carrying out a review in which they have studied the effect of the physical activity on the cognition and the behavior in children and teenagers diagnosed with Deficit of Attention and Hyperactivity (TDAH).

The article, titled ' Acute and chronic effect of physical activity on cognition and behaviour in young people with ADHD: To systematic review of intervention studies ', it has been published in the international magazine ' Research in Developmental Disabilities '. According to the investigator Sara Suarez Manzano, the first authoress of this article, the most out-standing findings are that an hour of physical daily activity, besides the benefits already known in the health and the physical condition, can improve the cognitive performance and the behavior in young women with difficulties of learning 

The results show besides the fact that a program of physical activity due planned with a minimal duration of five weeks (3-5 meetings per week), to medium length term , it increases the cerebral activity, it improves the executive functions, beside favoring the behavior towards the learning of the diagnosed students TDAH, and consistently they improve the academic results. 

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The Group AFAES raises with the Prize VIII University of Jaen to the Scientific Spreading



¡Let us be proud!

The activities of spreading and transfer to the company realized by the Group AFAES, have led to our Group to obtaining a nice recognition across the " First Prize " to the scientific spreading of the University of Jaen (2017), which was delivered by the Rector of the University on Friday, 29th of September, 2018, during the course of the Show of " The European Night of the Investigators 2018 ". The jury has valued the numerous activities of scientific spreading that the investigators Emilio J. Martínez Lopez, Manuel J. De La Torre Cruz, Alberto Ruiz Ariza, Sara Suárez Manzano and Sebastián Lopez Serrano, of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of the Education of the UJA, they have realized during the year 2017, as well as in general his implication with the company, and more precisely with the student body of Primary and Secondary Education.

 We are grateful for his consideration to the jury, and also we give the congratulation to the rest of companions participants, undoubtedly, we think that the initiatives of spreading and transfer towards the company of the scientific realized investigations, should be one of the fundamental axes of any University. 

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Participation in The Night of Investigators


Last September 28th it was celebrated the European Night of the Investigators, an event organized to European level and  the University of Jaen was present as in the previous years. In this occasion, one possessed the presence of more than 8.000 assistants during the day.  The Group AFAES,  took part with a workshop in The Corte Inglés square, where assistants carried out different activities for the children and parents showing the importance of avoiding sedentary conducts and of taking a healthy way of life. On the other hand, in Antigua Escuela de Magisterio, we give a qualified Micromeeting: "digital Technology to promote and to evaluate the physical activity in students and teenagers ", where the assistants could know and take part in new didactic experiences. 

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 Finally, to give thanks to the student body of the Máster in Investigation and Teaching in Sciences of the Physical Activity and the Health, and of the Degree in Primary Education of the University of Jaen that collaborated of way lost interest in the putting in scene of the workshop, making possible that was the whole success for the assistants.